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Getting Started

1. Start With Why

• This is your reason/ purpose for wanting to succeed and your driving force to build this business. This purpose will get you through those tough times when things are not going your way (they won’t all the time)

• Create an emotional attachment to a goal; have a driving for for you to take action daily towards succeeding in this business.

• What would be a good first goal for you to start with? What would it look like if you had that now?

• Let’s share our own reasons why together


2. Product of the Product

*When Starter Box Comes In*

  • Home Shopping List  (Lists items that are regularly used throughout the household for you to check off and identify which you use, with the back side showing the exclusive brands that are the equivalent to convert over to pay yourself with your own monthly spending)

  • Get and Use Samples

  • Develop a Regimen— create a story and a testimonial for yourself with our products that helps you in your life (What is one problem or area to focus on our products can solve/ improve?

3. Set Your Business Hours

This business is meant to fit within your schedule, no matter how busy. We will identify blocks of time that work for you so we can set the hours that you will work the business.


*Weekly attendance is foundational to success 

Weekly Schedule of our Team
Resources Available (PDF in Booklet)  

  • 1-2 team meetings weekly  

  • Coring*

To Do: Set Business Hour with a Senior Partner

4. 2 Minute Commercial

This is your story of why you started with Market America and how this business is going to be helping you in your life. Here is the outline so we can create this together:

1. Your Background (15 seconds- what you do OR used to do)


2. The problems with what you are/were doing (things you would like to change)

3. The solution that you found (our business)

4. What you are excited about in the future


5. Introduce the business OR the products after the story

To Do: Write out 2 Minute Commerial

5. Understanding Coordinator

This is our goal—in the next 30-60-90 days, we are looking to get you to the first level in the business where you are earning $300 every month (in commissions).


We are going to help you to acquire 10 customers who are purchasing 500 BV per month, and we will help you to find 4 new business partners... and here’s why:


10 personal customers = 500 BV/month

50 BV(avg/ customer) + 100 BV(personal use)


Sponsor 4 new business partners

2 partners on left side / 2 partners on right side

To Do: Draw Org, 2 Partners Left, 2 Partners Right (See Example)
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