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Building Customers

Follow these top proven ways to build a solid customer base!
#1. Zoom Product Party!

A fun and engaging way to introduce friends/family to our exclusive brands

Add to the Wellness Page

Always Add Your Potential Customers to W101!

“We actually have a private Facebook wellness page where we share resources about health nutrition and fitness. We do challenges with accountability and raffles with prizes you can participate in for fun! It’s a great community I thought you might like to check out as well. Do you want me to add you to the page?”

Additional Customer Strategies

Customer Invites

1. Watch Video Above

2. Write down a list of 10 Potential Customers (Page 11)

3. Contact these people using customer scripts (Page 12)

Trial Size Marketing

Trial size marketing has been around for years with Market America. As product lines grew, the company adapted to make more and more trial size packets to enhance sales and customer experience.

Below are a few resources to help you get started with trial size marketing.

  • Watch Video

  • Order a Pack of 10 Isotonix Trial Size Marketing Packets (Code 6380)

  • Download the app Unfranchise Marketing App


Instructions for Your Customers


Instruct Before Taking: "Please take the first packet with 8 oz. of water on an empty stomach (first thing when you wake up or before lunch)"

“Watch and Listen” to the 5-minute

Day 1 & 3 - Ask how they are liking the product, any questions etc.

Day 6 - Follow Up & Ask for the Sale of a full size box

Catalog Handouts

Circle the following products on the first few pages:
• Daily Essentials, Digestive Enzymes, Mochatonix, Trim Tea & Cafe, Turn Up & Turn Down, Fish Oils, Aloe

Our Team Flushadelphia Catalog system is meant to get our amazing, professionally printed product catalogs in the hands of new, existing, and potential clients. 


Catalogs can be a powerful tool to build and retain a client base. What's more is that consumers are surprisingly enthusiastic about receiving them – response rates from catalogs have increased by 170% from 2004 to 2018.

Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20-30% of emails.


Catalogs linger in consumers' houses long after emails are deleted, which increases top-of-mind awareness among consumers. But their real power is how—for certain products—they increase the vividness of a product by enhancing consumer's ability to visualize and imagine product usage experience.

Here is an easy Step by Step process on how to put catalogs to work for you….


1. Order catalogs from your back office (US English catalogs are CODE 850. There are also Spanish, Chinese, and Motives cosmetics catalogs as well). ​

2. Create a list of Addresses (if you are new to the business, start with your closest family members and relatives)


3. In the white space at the bottom of the front Label each catalog with your personal information so that the recipient can contact you. (Name, cell phone #, URL) EXAMPLE: 


Hi! This is _________, your Personal Shopping Consultant. 

I am happy to help you anytime!

Easy Ordering Options:

Call/text NAME: ___________  CELL ________

Go to


4. Include a handwritten note (See examples below: welcome note for a preferred customer who ordered through the site, holiday, referral).

5. Put together the catalog (with label/information), notecard, and samples (examples of samples: Isotonix Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics, Isotonix Daily Essentials, TLS Trim Tea, TLS Trim Cafe)

6. Track your results: Keep a list of all customers, date you mailed the catalog/hand delivered, follow up, and track all purchased.

For Sample Script Ideas: See MA Catalog System

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