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Now that you've made your first engagement post we want to drop your first official product post that we coined "the digestive enzymes post" as well as your first story flow.

Make sure to print off your customer tracker! Click Here. Tag your sponsor in the comments of your first post so they can share it and help you increase the engagement if need be. Let's go!


Take a picture of an indulgent meal/snack. You could also post a picture of something else that has an aroma that reminds you of something.


👃"Have you ever smelled a food, so good that it instantly flooded your brain with nostalgia?


👉 Then you’re immediately reminded of how gross and sluggish you feel 30 minutes after eating it…


What we smell and eat can affect how we feel instantly so why should we eat and expect discomfort - even from things that are good for our bodies and souls?


My favorite thing to grab when having any kind of meal is Digestive Enzymes. I always keep some in my ______ (bag/wallet/drawer/cabinet)!


Notes: Feel free to make the post your own but we wanted to share what we know works.


Best days to post (Monday - Friday)

Best time of day to post (8-10 am, 12 pm, 7pm)

COMMENT: Text your mentor once you go post this and have them share the link to your post in their private communication groups (Facebook, whats app, voxer) so that others can go and comment on it to give it a little social proof.


Phone: press and hold your finger on the images to save to your phone. 

Computer: right click on image and save to downloads folder

Images are in order and go from left to right (computer) & top to bottom (phone)


Pro Tip: Post a story video of you showing you mixing/taking your digestive enzymes and add text briefly explaining why you like to take them

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